Our Solution

For fulfilling your duty to inform regarding allergens. (french video)

A solution designed to simplify restaurant operators’ lives

The ePack Allergen allows you to create a menu fulfilling
your obligation to inform regarding allergenic substances
very simply and to update it quickly, directly on the web..

A solution designed for customer satisfaction

Customers access the required information, presented in a clear and educational manner, on a smartphone or tablet!

How does it work?


You set your menu on internet

With your name and password,
- Acces to your private space
- Enter the dishs of your menu
- For each dish, select the allergens
- Validate.


Your map update in a few clicks

Changing dish each day? No problem !
Change your menu easily on your interface
of settings , the informations of
your clients will update instantly !


You edit the QRcode of your etablishement

A single QR code is assigned. It allows access
to all parameterized information.
You can print the QR code and paste it on your menu, on the front door of your restaurant…


Your customers are satisfied!

With their smartphone or tablet with a provision in your Restaurant,your customers access to all information concerning allergens in your dishes
Nicer and more playful to decipher a paper!

Subscribe to the ePack Allergen for just €59.99/year!

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