Who are we ?

CHR NUMÉRIQUE: Innovation and Technology Serving the Food Service Industries

Born from a partnership between a restaurant owner and a computer scientist, CHR Numérique provides innovative solutions
facilitating the administrative tasks required from food service professionals.

Increasingly Strict Regulations

European regulations are becoming increasingly strict with regard to consumer food safety. Restaurant and food professionals’ transparency requirements – written logs of their processes in particular in terms of hygiene and product traceability – require great rigor and lots of time spent on formalities.

Creative and Innovative Solutions

Our vocation is to make these administrative tasks more pleasant and especially quicker to perform. We offer very simple-to-use IT solutions suited to your line of business.
They allow you to save precious time while ensuring strict fulfillment
of your obligations.

HACCP Touch-screen Tool

ePack Hygiene Principle: making the extremely restrictive HACCP process paperless and adapting it to kitchen working conditions.

Say goodbye to paper, pens, binders, and archive boxes… All your mandatory records are produced using the tool, automatically and instantaneously stored and filed.

This makes the process much simpler, quicker, and more motivating!

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Paperless Menu for Customers with Allergies

The ePack Allergen is a dedicated web interface for your establishment, allowing you to enter all the dishes on your menu and associate them with their allergens.

Using a QR Code that you can print and paste onto your paper menu or by using a digital tablet, your customers can access all the mandatory information.

This fulfills your transparency requirement and meets your clientele’s expectations.

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